professional dog training

K9 Nation will help you to better understand your dog and learn how to communicate effectively with him, so that the time spent together will be a real pleasure.

  • Our services target issues related to:
  • - Socialization
  • - Behavioral problems
  • - Basic obedience (working trials)
  • - Protection and defense (on different levels, depending on requirements and dog's skills)
  • - Preparation for working trials: Mondioring, Ipo.

professional show handling

Dog shows are increasingly appreciated by the general public, even becoming a trend lately. K9 Nation deals with the preparation and showing of dogs with superior genetic skills for dog shows - national and international.

  • According to participants in the country, K9 Nation is top show handler in the country!
  • Here are some of the most important titles won:
  • 2012 Salzburg, Austria - World Specialty Club Winner - American Akita
  • 2014 Brno, Czech Republic - European Puppy Winner - English Bulldog
  • 2015 Milan, Italy - Junior World Winner - Cane Corso
  • 2016 Moscow, Russia - Junior World Club Winner - Cane corso
  • 2016 Brussels, Belgium - Vice European Winner - Cane corso

boarding for dogs

Coming soon! Because we know that you love to pamper your dogs; having the status of family members, we provide a 5 star hotel! Video surveillance is provided individually for each dog, both indoor and outdoor.


Effective training can take place in two ways, as follows:

Group Training

when the dog owner works with the puppy from day one under the direct guidance of the instructor. This is generally the preferred way to approach clients at K9 Nation dog training school.

Dog training done by the instructor with transfer of authority

The instructor works alongside the dog until the later manages to acquire the owner's requirements. Subsequently, he works with the owner to transfer authority where they explain the practice of observing your dog, rewarding him when and how, and to what extent it correct, if necessary.



My story in the world of dog training began around 17 years ago when I had my first serious contact with these quadrupeds of which I was to fall in love. At the time, the situation of dog training in our country was underdeveloped. I began, therefore, at the bottom, climbed and continue to climb the infinite ladder of learning - precisely because in this job you learn something new every day.

I took my first exam as a training instructor and decoy (attack man) in 2007, in Hungary, after which I gradually specialized for various levels of training and became a speciality training instructor and decoy : Ipo and Mondioring. Thus, the story of my work in the field has grown in several stages and many special places: in Hungary, the Netherlands, USA, Romania and Slovakia.

After 7 years, after two years living in Los Angeles, I had the pleasure of starting a collaboration with a company in England. Our responsibility was to prepare "green dogs" for various police departments in the United States.

It's about dogs trained for dual purpose use, detection of different banned substances and for intervention in case of need.

Currently, K9 Nation has over 15 service dogs that can act as needed in USA.

Mátyás László - Professional dog trainer and handler










29 July 2018 By Matyas Laszlo in Dog Training

Children’s day and school in a different way at K9 Nation Dog Training

It’s been almost four years now since I have started collaborating with different kindergardens throughout the city in the benefit of the little ones. Previous occasions contained mainly demos but this year I thought it would be much better if we build in some closer inter-action with our four-legged favourites. Everybody had a blast that
29 July 2018 By Matyas Laszlo in Dog Training

Quattro – a typical almost every-day training action

A typical , almost every-day training action with interesting combinations , filled with joy and spontaneuos moments. Photo and video credit : Tamas Moroz  
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2017 World Dog Show – World Champion

Fuego – has become the new Junior World Club Winner and Best Junior! It has been quite a journey with a great deal of competitors with quality dogs ffrom all over the world! Congratulations to Fuego’s breeder and owner!  




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