Since it is a very important aspect in the relationship you develop with your dog we would like to offer some tips to improve interaction with our new puppy.

For starters, here’s a little tip to accommodate leash and collar for dogs coming out of the nest for the first time and to arrive at new family who will take care of them. It is extremely important to help them get used to them and create a dog reflex that collars and leashes to look are looked upon as a positive element. Thus, we can counteract any problems that may occur later due to inadequate initial habits.

Then, just as important is for the dog to get used to, from the beginning, to recognize the name that we give and react quickly when it hears.

The third piece of advice we can give you is to pay attention as usual command the dog to react to praise and restraining orders.

Recap: it’s important that the collar and leash to be regarded as positive, their dog to recognize and react to his name, and we pay attention to how it gets used to praise and restraining orders.

Keep in mind these three tips and you already have the ability to communicate effectively and for your dog to better understand you.

Following the experience by plane to Russia with our dogs, in order to participate in World Dog Show2016 in Moscow, we thought it useful to briefly convey some ideas.

Thus, if you take your dog in Russia by plane, as we did, we recommend that you carefully and repeatedly make sure that seats holding the dog (or dogs) are confirmed – for each flight, for each dog individually. This must appear on the ticket reservation!

Our recommendation is to double check these issues and request that the agency booking your flight to check again that seats on the plane for puppies to be confirmed.

  1. Read about the breeds characteristics and speciality info if there are any of that kind
  2. Make sure u have the right amount of time that is needed for a dog, regardless of it’s size
  3. Be aware of the dog’s temperament taking into consideration your own temperament too, easier said : consider it whether u are a match or not with that breed
  4. Make sure you check the parents and if possible grandparents too ( health, genetic diseases etc)
  5. Read about the breeds health problems if there are any related
  6. Get a healthy looking , happy puppy out of the litter
  7. If possible make sure that u don’t buy a puppy before it turns at least 8-10 weeks
  8. If not sure , get help from a specialist in the domain of dogs for choosing the right pup for you
  9. Make sure u can provide enough good for your dog
  10. Respect animals before everything else

I wish you all the best together with your dog !

Don’t forget!

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Laszlo Matyas
Head trainer and decoy certified by the Hungarian and Romanian Kennel Club