Top ten things you should know before you pick your dog/breed

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  1. Read about the breeds characteristics and speciality info if there are any of that kind
  2. Make sure u have the right amount of time that is needed for a dog, regardless of it’s size
  3. Be aware of the dog’s temperament taking into consideration your own temperament too, easier said : consider it whether u are a match or not with that breed
  4. Make sure you check the parents and if possible grandparents too ( health, genetic diseases etc)
  5. Read about the breeds health problems if there are any related
  6. Get a healthy looking , happy puppy out of the litter
  7. If possible make sure that u don’t buy a puppy before it turns at least 8-10 weeks
  8. If not sure , get help from a specialist in the domain of dogs for choosing the right pup for you
  9. Make sure u can provide enough good for your dog
  10. Respect animals before everything else

I wish you all the best together with your dog !

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Laszlo Matyas
Head trainer and decoy certified by the Hungarian and Romanian Kennel Club